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You have 1 YEAR of date of storm to file an insurance claim! Review recent hail storm map to see if you are located in the affected area.

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Over 50 miles per hour can lift the shingle and cause seals to break, never to be resealed. The unsealed shingles will then flap in the breeze and soon snap off.

Loss of granule layer on the shingle will cause the organic-based center of the shingle to be exposed to the sun’s UV rays. This will cause serious deterioration of the shingle in a short period. Furthermore, hail can actually puncture or seriously damage your roof.

Improper or inadequate ventilation in your attic will cause the shingles to scorch and bubble up causing a serious problem.

An inspection by a specialist can verify the extent of the damages and outline the means to get them repaired.

We have provided full service to our clients and have over 35 combined years work experience. Let us help make your storm damage claim less cumbersome and insure you receive the best results.

If You Think Your Property Is Damaged Click The Free Inspection Button Above The Aspen Touch offers a full damage assesment. One of our specialists will meet with you to assess your property.

We will assist you with the claims process from beginning until the end. Provide initial assessment estimate. We will provide you and your insurance company with an initial assessment of the damages.

We will work with you to ensure a clear understanding of the process and receive a fair claim settlement.

We will inspect your property for visible signs of damage.

A (10’x10′) “test area” will be measured on every slope of the roof. If we find a sufficient amount of bruises or breaks for each “test square”, the insurance company will pay for a new roof less your deductible. If gutters, siding, brick, etc. are dented, you will be paid for a replacement “of like or kind quality.”

You are entitled to have the contractor of your choice represent you. We will represent you during the inspection process. First, we will meet with you to determine the extent of the damage, then we will meet with your adjuster to determine all other aspects. In most cases, all you pay out-of-pocket is your deductible. Most discrepancies occur when the adjuster has not assessed the same amount or type of damage as the contractor. Whether it’s for the roof, gutters, siding, or other exterior damage, we work with the adjuster in finalizing the cost of the repairs and getting your claim paid.

You should receive the first check about a week after the adjuster has estimated your damage. This check represents the actual cost to repair or replace the damaged property, less depreciation and your deductible. The age and condition of the property is taken into account when calculating depreciation. The depreciation amount will be paid when work is completed and an invoice is sent to the insurance company. For more information on insurance claims, click here.

If you are carrying a mortgage on your home, the first check you receive from your insurance company should be made out to you, as well as your mortgage company. The check along with required documents of your mortgage company must be satisfied to clear your check. We assist you with this process, or if desired, complete it for you.