Before Roof Replacement

After Roof Replacement with Inland Cedar Shake

This home had old, damaged cedar shake roof shingles, which we replaced with new cedar shake shingles. Note the massive amount of algae, mold and moss that has taken over the entire roof. Cedar shake roof shingles need to be treated periodically with preservatives to prevent the growth of algae, mold and moss. For the best quality shingles, always ask for “Inland Cedar” for replacement.
The customer elected to go with the new “Inland Cedar” shingle shake roof replacement for their home. Inland Cedar shake roofing shingles are superior to the usual “Coastal Cedar” roof shingles used by many other roofing companies. Coastal Cedar is less expensive to the consumer, but the wood is comprised by having wider growth rings and contains more moisture. This becomes problematic after just a few seasons of heat and cold cycles where the coastal cedar will begin to warp, wrinkle and eventually crack and split. At Aspen Touch, we only use fresh materials of the highest quality.

The new Inland Cedar shake replacement shingles you see here will last much longer than the coastal cedar and the beautiful finished look is undeniable. Homeowners must also always demand stainless steel nails and staples for their new roof. Many of our competitors use galvanized nails and staples, which is not recommended because the galvanized coating can be stripped away when they are plied to the roof and this results in rust which can compromise the roof and cause unsightly rust stains. When coupled with the proper cedar shake preservatives and cedar shake cleaning this roof is ready for decades of sustainable use and beauty.