Roof Repairs in the St. Louis Metro Area

If you have a small leak or damage to your roof, call Aspen Touch for roofing repair. Although most are jobs for replacement, not repair, if your roof is otherwise sound, a small leak could be fixed by a simple roofing repair job.
The professionals at Aspen Touch offer more than 25 years of experience with all types of roofs from wood to asphalt, and we’ll help you decide whether you need roofing repair or a full roof replacement.

Repair vs Replacement

When considering roofing repair, you have to ask whether it might not be time to do a partial or whole roof replacement. In most cases, unless your roof’s damage is extremely minor, it’s best to do a full replacement.

When replacing shingles, especially if your current roof is weathered, it’s extremely difficult to match the new shingles. This leaves an unattractive patch in your shingles.

Also, a full replacement is often cheaper in the long run, especially if the damage done to your roof is a result of weather damage (hail, tornados, etc) because your home insurance will likely pay for it. Rather than paying for a number of costly partial repairs over the years, replacing the entire roof from the get-go will actually save you money in roofing cost.

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