Protect and Preserve Your Roof with a Roof Coating from Aspen Touch

Mainly used for for commercial industrial roofs, roof coatings have a wide variety of purposes, from sealing to heat reflection. Aspen Touch mainly applies preservative roof coatings to wood shake roofs, waterproofing them, protecting them from the weather and extending life use.

Benefits of Roof Coating

  • Increase roof life
  • Reduce energy use
  • Improve visual appeal
  • Help manage mold and algae
Aspen Touch provides roof coating services to treat, waterproof, and protect the roof, including:
  • Preservative and waterproofing roof coatings for wood shake roofs
  • Sealants and waterproofing coatings for metal roofs
  • Tar based coatings for flat roofs
  • Sealants for asphalt shingles
Schedule OnlineSchedule OnlineWhether you need roof coating to seal your flat roof or to preserve your wood shake roof, Aspen Touch has the solutions you need. Call us today at (636) 458-8878 or contact us online.