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Saint Louis is home to some of the most unpredictable and relentless weather in the country. That’s why Aspen Touch knows how important siding is to your home’s safety, comfort and appearance. There are countless options and types for you to choose from, and Aspen Touch is the expert on what will work best. We do specialty and custom work with any surface, including the complete installation and replacement of any type or surface:

  • Wood
    Aspen Touch will service any type of wood, and recommends the highest quality inland cedar for wood siding. These trees grow closer together than coastal plants and therefore produce a denser, less absorbent wood that will not warp, crack or rot. These factors result in a shingle built to last for practically the entire life of your home.
  • Metal
    Aluminum, steel and other types of metal siding offer a low maintenance option that provides particular benefit in severe winter months. It also does not absorb any moisture and is resistant to fire, mold, fungus, and insects.
  • Exterior Polymers
    Polymer and vinyl siding are an option that is both aesthetically pleasing and beneficial to the home’s protection. They can be molded to mimic virtually any style and shape, and come in a wide range of colors and styles.

If your home has a need for siding of any type, you can call Aspen Touch to expect

  • 100% freshly ordered materials
  • Cooperation with your homeowners insurance policy
  • Product warranties on all services
  • A quick, friendly & safe experience
  • Free estimates on request

Aspen Touch can help you choose a siding option that works for you and your home, whether a first installation or complete restoration. Contact or call us at (636) 458-8878 for a free estimate today!

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