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St. Louis Slate & Shake is proud to announce our partnership with Brava Roof Tile. They manufacture the most authentic composite synthetic slate, cedar shake and Spanish roofing tiles on the market today. Get an authentic look with unmatched performance at a fraction of the cost!


Create the elegance, beauty and durability of natural slate with all the benefits of composite roof tile. It’s one of the highest quality and longest lasting types of roof tile in the marketplace. Spend less and get the classic look that you deserve.


The best alternative to shingles with a realistic, beautiful and true to life look and long-lasting durability of composite material. Environmentally friendly, extremely durable and maintenance free all at the same time.


The perfect alternative to Barrel Clay tile. Lightweight synthetic material eliminates the costly structural support need, reduces installation labor and decreases roof maintenance while offering the beauty of European Old World roofing. It’s eco-friendly, fully sustainable and made from recycled materials.