Q: I see other home roofing projects taking weeks to be completed; will my new roof take as long?
Answer: Aspen Touch utilizes larger and more experienced roofing teams cutting our installation times on average in half the normal time for you.
Q: All cedar shake shingles and siding are the same so I can use the least expensive materials and save money, right?
Answer: Almost all roofing companies utilize “coastal cedar” shingles and siding which is much less in cost but will cost you much more over time. Coastal cedar has a higher moisture content and larger ring growth which means in just a few seasons you may experience warping, splitting and roof/siding failure. We utilize only “inland cedar” that has substantially lower moisture content and consists of denser tighter ring growth providing you with many years of lasting quality.
Q: Can I save money by having the roofing company make use of galvanized staples instead of the more costly stainless steel nails?
Answer: Utilizing galvanized staples to install roofing shingles causes the applied galvanized coating to be stripped away thus leaving the staple metal exposed to moisture resulting in rusting which then discolors the shingles on your roof. Stainless steel nails could help deter any rusting issues or stains.
Q: Aren’t all Roofing and Home Improvement Companies required to be State Licensed and insured?
Answer: They all should be but many are not. Aspen Touch is fully licensed and insured for your protection.